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    Women smoking on a sailboat

    France  - Normandy



  4. Portrait of a Girl & her hat

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  5. A Mother & Child

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  6. Portrait of a Girl

  7. Girls paddling in a stream,

    Rothbury, Northumberland, May 1923


  8. carolathhabsburg:

    A beautiful image of Grand duchess Ksenia Alexandrovna (right) with cousin, Princess Marie of Greece, later Grand duchess Maria Georgievna. Late 1880s.

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  9. In the garden

  10. my-little-time-machine:

    Lovely shot inside a small glasshouse in 1909 ( “Miss Round”)

    Found image. There is a lot to see in this small greenhouse besides Miss Round, a determined looking Edwardian lady. I imagine the place smelt warm and dank. This must be latesummer with a good crop of tomatoes and a large number of geranium cuttings in the pots. Below the bench on the right is a portable cloche. On the left are the rusty pipes that must have heated this space in winter.

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  12. ca 1860

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    Rowing, 1910

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